Wednesday, November 15, 2017

100% Fresh GMO

This character was originally intended for a comic book or even an animation. I wanted to create a product that I could offer to a Network and help produce, but I realized how busy I am with film school, our family small business and also family life. I just had to admit, that for the moment, I can only work on small projects. So, for now, I'm making sure my characters are out, with my name and signature. Maybe in the future, I will have the time to do more with this idea.

Why the GMO thing? It's an idea that comes from the influence of Nefer, (my oldest daughter); she is Vegan, and I'm vegetarian and we have collaborated in the past with ideas for posters, stickers, logos, and others. This is her website:


Sketch: Sketchbook Pro
Vectors and Colors: CorelDraw X8