100% Fresh GMO

This character was originally intended for a comic book or even an animation. I wanted to create a product that I could offer to a Network and help produce, but I realized how busy I am with film school, our family small business and also family life. I just had to admit, that for the moment, I can only work on small projects. So, for now, I'm making sure my characters are out, with my name and signature. Maybe in the future, I will have the time to do more with this idea.

Why the GMO thing? It's an idea that comes from the influence of Nefer, (my oldest daughter); she is Vegan, and I'm vegetarian and we have collaborated in the past with ideas for posters, stickers, logos, and others. This is her website: http://www.greengoodvegan.com


Sketch: Sketchbook Pro
Vectors and Colors: CorelDraw X8 

La Halloweena

This is my graphics solution to solve the cultural dilemma. Do I have to do two illustrations, one for each event? Nah! I better do just one; La Halloweena! Just for fun.

My Desk Setup

Every illustrator, drawing artist, designer, video producer or writer has a different workplace set up. I work from home, so mine is casual, adapted to my resources and needs. I provide services for vector illustration, voice-overs, and video production. I have a microphone, a MacBook for when I'm moving and a PC for stuff that takes more memory or needs a larger screen. My equipment includes Dell XPS PC, MacBook Pro, Adobe Creative Suite, CorelDraw X8, Sketchbook Pro, Wacom Bamboo Pad. Desk Microphone with Alesis Mixer.

Strawberry Invaders

I'm having a little fun with my previous Pixelated Strawberry turning into an arcade game. The T-Shirt is now available on Red Bubble. Click on the image to follow the link and see more products.

Featured Work

One of my works featured on Ilustradores.org

Organic Pixels Strawberry

I've decided to start a Red Bubble store. Red Bubble produces everything, all you do is supply the art. For the people that know exactly what I'm talking about, opening an online store there can be a very long process, and it will be months before you see any profits. The most important thing is not necessarily selling anything yet, but networking, marketing and building up a profitable portfolio. For that purpose, I'm going to be working on several different ideas, for objects, cartoons, lettering, signs, and other stuff that can be used for sticker printing, t-shirts, cell phone cases and more. After some success is achieved with red bubble, in one to two years, then I will start my "real" store at the other site known as Big Cartel, where essentially you have to have the physical products at hand and ship the items yourself.  This Pixelated Strawberry digital art was entirely made with CorelDraw X8.